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Dec 2, 2015, 2:47:00 PM
Highgate House, Northamptonshire, Woodside, Warwickshire

During a week when Climate Change has very much been on the public agenda with the COP 21 summit in Paris, Sundial Group is delighted to have achieved a high sustainability rating by CDP, an independent organisation which helps companies measure their environmental impact.

For a company such as Sundial Group, which runs conferences and events in country house venues, the issue of climate change and energy efficiency has always been a particular challenge. Notably, because its venues are historic buildings which date back to a time long before the term ‘carbon footprint’ was coined.  Sundial’s challenge is to retro-fit low carbon facilities and services into their buildings whilst retaining and preserving their heritage.

CDP’s assessment was two-fold. It first scored Sundial Group based on the quality and completeness of its response, of which it achieved 94% (vs a CPD SME average score of 60%).

By achieving over 50% in levels of response, Sundial qualified for CPD to go on and assess and rank them in a performance band.  Out of a range of scores from A-E, Sundial ranked B (vs an average SME ranking of D). 

The positive assessment gave Sundial a firm indication of its sustainability performance and also helped to provide greater focus on climate change for the business.

Tim Chudley, Sundial Group’s Managing Director, said:

“The exercise of completing the CDP report was in itself a valuable process of analysis and review and has already provided us with a number of takeaways to help us improve our position on climate change further.  I would encourage other companies to do the same.  I’m told that as first year submissions these scores are pretty good but we will not be resting on our laurels, there is still lots to do.”