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Sundial Group’s annual Learning and Development Thought Leaders’ Conference was once again a huge success, with 100% of attendees saying they would recommend the event.

Over 90 L&D professionals gathered at Highgate House on Friday 8th June to network and learn from some inspirational thought leaders working in the industry. 

This is the third year this conference has run, and delegates were quick to praise the event as ‘thought provoking’, ‘engaging’ and ‘truly inspirational’. Hear from attendees and speakers at the event in the video here:

Natalia Cohen - Losing sight of shore​

Insights from Natalia’s life journey and record-breaking Pacific row to help delegates deal with change and entering the unknown. She shared practical tips and tools to help teams work more effectively together and allowed the audience as individuals to think about the way their minds work and help them gain new insights on how to shift mindset to look for the positive.

Glenn Mead - Head space using psychological distance to make better decisions

Research into emotional management has shown how using ‘psychological distance’ can help individuals to reduce stress and anxiety, and to take more control of their lives. There are 4 elements to psychological distance: time, space, social involvement, and probability. These give rise to ways of reappraising situations and to devising a range of options for action. Better decisions lead to increased chances of success.

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Pam Bateson - Futureproof learning by individuals, for the business

In this interactive session, Pam showed how the L&D industry must move forward against a backdrop of radical change, and asked:

  • What if organisations could learn as fast as individuals?
  • What if effectiveness could be hardwired into every intervention?
  • What if learning could be fast, easy and worthwhile?
  • What if users set their own curriculum?
  • And what if learning could help make your business more human-centric?

theWholeStory - Engaging and authentic communication using storytelling

Do the messages shared at work inspire others? Are they remembered, believed and most importantly acted on? Good leadership means good communication. Whether implementing change, sharing difficult messages or focusing motivation, you need to find the right story and to tell it well.

Using storytelling gives you clarity, shares your values and beliefs and allows your audience to appreciate the purpose of your message. This session outlined the key components you can use from storytelling to explore your subject, choose the right story for your audience, structure a compelling message and share it successfully.

Steven Haggerty - Time

Time is the one thing that we have zero control over but 100% control of what we do with it. With the right mindset, awareness and attitude you can ensure that your time is spent doing what you truly love.

Hannah Jackson - The Human Givens a new approach to mental health at work

The Human Givens theory suggests we are all born with innate knowledge that we experience as physical and emotional needs. When these needs are met and in balance we experience emotional health and wellbeing. In this session we outlined how these needs are relevant both personally and professionally and how they can impact performance and productivity.

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